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We're online! Live chat to receive your personalised health tips.
We're online! Live chat to receive your personalised health tips.
Your one-stop health shop

Your one-stop health shop

We work with small producers, local brands and respected practitioners to help guide you back into alignment with nature, so you can delve deeper into unlocking your true potential.

Unlock your full potential

Unlock your full potential

Through taking the time to explore each of these products ourselves, we're confident in their ability to support your daily routine, so that you can generate positive impact in the world.

From our Journal...

  • Weaving rituals into your daily routine

    Weaving rituals into your daily routine

    Health isn’t something that just happens one day… It is a process of gradually increasing momentum by contributing to your well being every day. Health isn’t always so black and white either, it’s not always as simple as a two-week diet to then be healthy forever. Instead, health and well-being are more like a web, which is constantly weaving it into every moment of your day-to-day existence.
    The beauty of herbal powders and tinctures is that you can weave them into your already established rituals, such as into your morning coffee, your afternoon cacao, or even into a warm tea before bed. Here’s a few other types of rituals that may inspire you to include them in your own day-to-day living:
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  • Top 5 Mushroom Extract Powders, Uses and Cooking Tips

    Top 5 Mushroom Extract Powders, Uses and Cooking Tips

    Mushrooms have been a cornerstone of human nutrition since… well, ever since ancient times, at least 13,500 years ago. 

    We already know that mushrooms are a highly-nutritional food which are high in fibre and is a heavy hitter when it comes to their medicinal benefits. We recently posted a deep-dive science-based article on Discovering the World of Medicinal Mushrooms 

    Here are five of our top mushroom extract powders, and the health benefits they can offer you... 

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  • chaga medicinal mushroom powder tincture

    Discover the world of Medicinal Mushrooms...

    What exactly are Medicinal Mushrooms, and how can they benefit me? 
    Discover the world of Medicinal Mushrooms through this blog, which investigates how to grow, prepare and extract mushrooms for use in your daily routine. 

    Medicinal Mushrooms have been used for thousands of years for medicinal and ceremonial purposes and have even been referred to as panaceas - a cure-all for many ailments.

    HealthEarth’s range of products use a variety of extraction methods, so you can explore the differences between each method with your own personal experience...

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