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Top 5 Mushroom Extract Powders, Uses and Cooking Tips

Top 5 Mushroom Extract Powders, Uses and Cooking Tips

Supercharge your nutritional intake with mushroom extract powders.

Mushrooms have been a cornerstone of human nutrition since… well, ever since ancient times, at least 13,500 years ago. 

We already know that mushrooms are a highly-nutritional food which are high in fibre and is a heavy hitter when it comes to their medicinal benefits. We recently posted a deep-dive science-based article on Discovering the World of Medicinal Mushrooms 

Here are five of our top mushroom extract powders, and the health benefits they can offer you... 

Shiitake Mushroom Extract Powder

Prized for their rich savoury taste and diverse health benefit, Shiitake mushrooms are one of the most popularly consumed worldwide. They are known to host a wide range of…

  • Terpenoids - known to have a calming and pain relieving effect on the body
  • Polysaccharides - energy storage and production on a cellular level
  • Sterols - known to lower cholesterol levels
  • Lipids - Energy reservation, hormone regulation, nervous system benefits and transports fat-soluble nutrients

Some of our recommended ways to use Shiitake mushroom extract powder would be to add them to hot drinks, smoothies, juices, soups, broths, sauces or dressings. 

Cooking tip
Add them to a dish as your meat substitute gives dishes a rich meaty flavour. It's also great in a smoothie for optimising your wellbeing.

Cordyceps Mushroom Extract Powder

Cordyceps have grown famous for their effect on increasing stamina and strength! There is also some promising research coming out on the effects they have on kidney and liver function, as well as anti-tumor and anti-inflammatory actions. 

If you’re the type of person who likes to put in hours at the gym then the Cordyceps mushroom extract powder could be the perfect supplement for you. They have been known to increase the production of the adenosine triphosphate (ATP) molecule in the body, which delivers energy to muscles. There have been multiple studies done that have shown a significant measurable increase in fitness levels with the use of this extract. Studies have also shown that Cordyceps mushrooms may also help in the fight against Type 2 Diabetes and reduce inflammation. 

Some of our recommended ways to use Cordyceps mushroom extract powder would be to add them to hot drinks, smoothies and juices. 

Cooking tip
Add Cordyceps Mushroom Powder or Tincture to a glass of water or juice before your workout. It will give you a great natural sugar boost, and deliver the ATP molecule to your muscles for increased energy and muscle performance. You can thank us later...

Lion’s Mane Mushroom Extract Powder

Lion’s Mane has been one of the most used culinary mushrooms in countries such as China, India, Japan and Korea for generations. However, in western countries they are mostly known for their incredible health benefits as a medicinal extract. 

They are a dietary mushroom that’s shown to enhance cognitive function, as well as immune system modulation. Lion's Mane also supports inflammation regulation according to your body's needs.

One of the most impressive benefits of Lion’s Mane Mushrooms is how they can promote BDNF-induced growth of new brain pathways (BNDF - Brain Derived Neurotropic Factor). Incredibly, this means the research suggests that Lion’s Mane could protect against Dementia, help relieve mild symptoms of depression and anxiety, and may speed recovery from nervous system injuries. It's also a great mushroom to include in your routine during times of study & high cognitive function.

Some of our recommended ways to use Lion’s Mane mushroom extract powders and tinctures is by adding them to your favourite drinks, including tea!

Cooking Tip
Due to Lion’s Mane Mushroom Extract Powders cognitive enhancing benefits, adding a teaspoon of the Lion's Mane Powder to your morning coffee will give you a brain boost to help power you through the day. It's also great as an afternoon recharge for the brain and body!

Chaga Mushroom Extract Powder

Bow down to the KING OF MUSHROOMS! Chaga contains an array of biologically active nutrients that are famous for stimulating the immune system, reducing inflammation, fighting cancer, lowering blood sugar and lowering cholesterol - basically helping you to be the highest functioning biological machine you can be. That's what we're all about at HealthEarth, as The Home of Human Optimisation.

Chaga has been used for centuries as a traditional medicine in the colder parts of the world like Russia and Northern Europe to boost immunity and overall health. 

Traditionally, Chaga was grated into a fine powder and brewed as a herbal tea. Taking Chaga Mushroom Extract Powder with cold or warm water will release its medicinal properties for your body. 

Cooking tip
If straight-up Chaga Mushroom tea doesn’t tickle your palate, try out this tasty blend... Add Chaga Mushroom Powder, hot water, coconut milk, cacao and some sweetener into a blender to enjoy a frothy café-style warm drink. 

Reishi Mushroom Extract Powder

Similar to Chaga, Reishi Mushrooms have been recognised as a Chinese medicinal mushroom for more than 2,000 years. In its native tongue ‘Ling Zhi’ translates to ‘Mushroom of Spiritual Potency’ and herbalists often advocate for the health benefits of this super-supplement. 

Reishi mushrooms are adaptogens, which are compounds that help the body combat stress. Studies have shown that these mushrooms can improve aches, pains and feelings of irritability. Amongst a range of other incredible health benefits, Reishi Mushrooms contain cholesterol-lowering compounds, plus they can have antihistamine effects & are packed full of antioxidants. 

Now, Reishi mushrooms are known for their woody texture and bitter taste. Traditionally it is best mixed with tea, coffee or soup.

Cooking tip
Adding Reishi to your Cacao in the afternoon will provide you with its health benefits + it can support you with your sleep. It's a great fungi for vitality and immunity, so having some each day is a great way to stay on top of your health.

Can’t decide which mushroom extract powder is right for you? 

Dive into the world of Mushrooms with a Shroom Bloom! This product by Fungi combines Lion’s Mane, Reishi, Cordyceps and Chaga fruiting bodies to bring you an all-in-one super-powered supplement. All of our Fungi products are a 20:1 ratio - which means 20kg of mushrooms were used to create 1kg of powder. 

These medicinal mushrooms have been used by traditional cultures since ancient times. Their importance is becoming more well-known in the western world, and it's time for you to discover them for yourself. These incredible fungi hold many keys to unlocking your health potential and supporting your journey towards human optimisation.

If this article has sparked your curiosity and you would like to know more about these natural wonders, check out our deep-dive article by Naturopath Emily Widdowson on Discovering The World of Medicinal Mushrooms

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