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Our Story

Here at HealthEarth, we believe in the celebration of HumanKIND.

Our mission is in our name, to Heal the Earth through the act of being Healthy within ourselves first. We each have the ability as Humans to consciously choose to optimise our lifestyle, so HealthEarth is your ally in Health & Wellness.

We work with small producers & local brands to bring the best of Northern NSW & beyond into your hands and pantry. Through taking the time to explore each of these products ourselves, we're confident in their ability to support your daily routine, so that you can generate positive impact in this world!

Born out of Byron Bay, HealthEarth is The Home of Human Optimisation. Our collection of products & directory of respected practitioners are here to guide you back into alignment with Nature, so you may unlock your true potential.

By supporting HealthEarth, you're contributing to the rise of small businesses with good intentions. We're focused on the development of a Future Food Farm to explore modern ways to operate a sustainable food system through the principles of a circular economy, permaculture & traditional knowledge. If you're curious to learn more about this project, please reach out and we'd love to connect with you!

HealthEarth is working towards our vision where organic & regenerative farming practices become the primary focus for our food systems. We're excited for the day where local markets become busier than mainstream supermarkets, with the Farmers & Producers being acknowledged as the superheroes they truly are!

May we thrive towards a clean & green future together!

In Great Health,

Your Team @ HealthEarth