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ENKI: Fountain of Youth Night Serum 30ml

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Available in 30ml, 6 months+ daily use 

Nourishing and nutrient dense. Extremely high levels of fruit extracted Vitamin A, rare bioactive compounds and botanical combinations to regenerate skin at a cellular level. Tightening, healing and supporting the  natural biome of the skin while reducing and preventing wrinkles, sun damage and other signs of ageing. Apply to damp skin or for extra moisture or toning power use with our seasonal Hydrosols!

Organic / Biodynamic ingredients, House extracted distillates 

Just 2 drops is enough for your face.

UNREFINED RAW OILS / Hemp Seed, Black Seed, Macadamia 
EXTRACTS / Seabuckthorn Co2
ESSENTIAL OILS / Frankincense, Rose-Geranium, Juniper, Bergamot