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Etre Health Marine Collagen

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Australian Wild Caught and Ethically Sourced Marine Collagen for Hydration, Recovery, Strength and Support. 

Our Marine Collagen features bioactive collagen peptides, precisely measured at a molecular weight of 1kDa. These peptides have the ability to stimulate skin cells for increased collagen production and enhanced hair and nail strength.  Supporting skin health with hydration and gut health with digestion repair. With premium bioavailability of short chain peptides enabling high absorbability by the body. Our bioactive collagen peptides consist of key essential and non-essential amino acids.

Hydrolysed to ensure optimal digestibility and absorption, neutral in taste and completely dissolvable in liquids.

  • Enhanced elasticity of the skin
  • Heightened skin moisture levels
  • healthier and stronger hair and nails
  • Improved integrity and digestion of the gut
  • Alleviated inflammation

Our sustainably sourced Marine Collagen is sourced from Australian wild-caught deep sea fish, in the pristine waters of Australia's Pacific Ocean.