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Etre Health Bovine Collagen Peptides

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Australian, Pure, Grass Fed and ethically sourced to support muscle recovery, skin repair and gut health. 

Our Collagen Peptides hold a unique anti-inflammatory amino acid profile, which helps regulate metabolism, preserve bone strength and joint mobility, and supports cellular regeneration. 

Our bovine collagen features bioactive collagen peptides, with a molecular weight of 1kDa making it the lowest weight available for the best absorption.

  • Decreased inflammation
  • Enhanced body composition
  • Strengthend bone density
  • Improved digestion of the gut
  • Skin that is more hydrated
  • Regeneration of joint cartilage
  • Stronger nails and healthier hair

Sustainably sourced & made in Australia from grass-fed and grass-finished pasture raised Australian cattle.

Hydrolysed to ensure optimal digestibility and absorption, neutral in taste and completely dissolvable in liquids.